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The new Parliament and the new Commission have been appointed in a moment when Europe is undergoing an unprecedented decline, which, probably for the first time, shows itself in  full evidence, producing its effects on economy, society and politics. The debate under way about the new Commission and its program starts from the Resolution of the European Parliament of 12 March 2014 and the priorities set by President Candidate Drucker, indicating a central role of ICT for the future of freedom and employment in Europe.

Associazione Culturale Diàlexis, an association aiming to diffuse the
knowledge of Europe in the North West of Italy, and of the North West of Italy in Europe, is participating to the opern consultation launched by President Candidate Juncker in his website about his proiorities. The document which we present in this Paper is the text which has been submitted to President Designate Juncker, as well as the Presidents of the Union, Tusk, the High Commissioner for Foreign and Defense Policy, Mogherini, Commissioner Öttinger and the chairman of the European Investment Bank, Hoyer.

It has the ambition to become an instrument of debate in this moment of profound reflection about the future of Europe, outlining an alternative vision of Europe’s economy, rejecting both free-trade and post-marxist approaches, and  trying to reevaluate traditional European economic thought, such as the ones, for instance, of Hilferding, Kalecki, Schumpeter and Servan- Schreiber.

Albeit taking very seriously the efforts of European Institutions to
overcome outdated points of view, such as Western self-complacency and puristic monetarism, the authors  criticize also  the insufficiency of the recent Institutions’ approach, including the limitation to ICT, the central role of Member States, the acceptance of a subordinate role vis-à-vis the US even after the DATAGATE.

They propose a brand new approach, based upon the centrality of UE Institutions, an operational planning, an overall European  Knowledge Intensive Industries Policy, a European Web.






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