The Role of Europe in the World

Theses on the foreign, defence and security policies of the European Union

palea_eng_bigAuthor: Roberto Palea
Year: 2007
Pages: 121
Language: English
Book Series: Einstein
Price: 20,00 Euro
Product Dimensions: cm. 15×21
ISBN: 88-902470-7-X

The Centro Einstein di Studi Internazionali (C.E.S.I. of Turin) has carried out the research which is published now on the themes of Foreign defence and Security Policies of European Union, with the objective to publish the results of such debate in a simple and synthetic document, apt to be used, by European federalists, as a tool for their dialogue with political parties, trade unions and civil society movements.

The Theses , which had been worked out after a widespread public discussion, have been submitted to the First Convention of European Citizens, organised by federalist movements, together with federalist groups for the European Constitution of the Italian and of the European Parliament, held in Genoa on the 3rd and 4th December 2005, at the presence of more than 400 participants. They have been the basis for the works of the first Commission, which has examined and discussed the theme of the responsibility of Europe in the world, expressing its own suggestions for drawing the European Manifesto.

The Centro Einstein di Studi Internazionali (C.E.S.I.) sul Federalismo, la Pace, la Politica del Territorio, collects and coordinates documents and texts, sponsors studies, reports and books, organises events, debates and workshops concerning the European unification process. All that with reference to European unity and the aim to provide a cultural contribution to the advancement of federal principles, in their different applications, in Europe and in the world, beyond the present system of Nation-States.

CESI is a non-profit organisation. Chairman: Roberto Palea. Director: Grazia Borgna. The activities of C.E.S.I. are supported by COMPAGNIA SAN PAOLO and FONDAZIONE CRT.

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